Massage On The Go

Premier On-site Chair Massage - Dallas, TX 


Corporate Chair Massage


The Recharger: 15 mins

Soothe those tired aching muscles and recharge your mind and body with a full session of back, neck, and shoulders. At the end of your session, we offer a luxurious complimentary steaming hot citrus-scented towelette to freshen with. You can tackle anything now! 

StarPower: 30 mins

First-class celebrity treatment! This longer nurturing session includes the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, along with a scalp massage if you would like. Stars love their luxury and you are no exception. At the end of your session, we offer a luxurious complimentary steaming hot citrus-scented towelette to freshen with. Be pampered!


Enhance your "mini-vacation" with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy refers to the scent that is applied to your face cover.  

Choose from:  Citrus (revitalize), Peppermint (rejuvenate), or Lavender (relax). Scent is recalled the most out of all of our senses, allowing your session to continue long after.